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Welcome to our Worksheets page.
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Coloring-in, matching, and writing rhythms:

Coloring and tracingcolouring and matchingColoring, tracing and copyingcoloring, copying, tails up and down
Reading and writing rhythms
(slightly older age-group)
Readig and writing rhythms

Practical examples to clap, sing or play:

Examples to clap play or sing             Favorite rounds
 More advanced teaching materials:
postcards 1 & 2worksheets 3 & 4

You can also edit and design your own materials.

If you have installed the Woodchuck-Rhythm Font, you can edit the some of the resources above:

Examples1.doc  (Opens with any version of Word)

Worksheets1.ppt (Opens with any version of Powerpoint)

If you have not been able to install the Font, you can design some materials with this file:

Worksheets-without font.ppt (should open with Powerpoint, Libre Office or other presentation software)